Hello, I'm Charlie Di Martino, a digital marketing professional in Toronto Ontario. I love to work with business owners and corporations and show them success using online advertising and marketing to increase their brand awareness and online presence.

I strive to be an expert on how users research before buying products and services. My passion of the digital sales funnel and continuous evolution of digital marketing drives my desire to be the best. I can create and convert leads, build loyalty and advocacy for your brand and business while managing your marketing budget. I want to help your business grow their brand by creating synergies to promote awareness for the products and services offered using digital marketing.

I accomplish this using a systemic approach combining analytics, insights, and experience collaborating with leaders in digital marketing and online advertising. I have a passion for digital marketing, search engine optimization and brand marketing development.

Career Goal

To work with a world class corporation to provide my digital marketing expertise to their overall marketing strategy while building a career with growth and personal achievements.

Contact me below if you do have an opportunity within your company and want to grow your digital marketing team. I love to brainstorm and talk about how digital marketing can work with every business.